Coronavirus updates – This blog will be kept up to date with news of what’s open, not open and cancelled in Bundoran due to the Coronavirus. For the latest government updates click here and here. For updates county wide, please see

For updates on businesses opening during Phase 1 – click here

For updates on businesses opening during Phase 2 – click here

For updates on food businesses offering takeaway – please click here

16th July

12th July

10th July


4th July

3rd July

2nd July

1st July

30th June

3pm – 28th June

9am – 28th June

4pm – 26th June

12pm – 26th June

11am – 26th June

3pm – 25th June

9am – 25th June

4pm – 23rd June

7pm – 22nd June

2pm – 22nd June

7pm – 21st June

9pm – 20th June

5pm – 20th June

4pm – 20th June

11am – 20th June

9am – 20th June

9pm – 19th June

3pm – 19th June

11am – 18th June

10am – 17th June

1pm – 16th June

9am – 16th June

9am – 15th June

4pm – 12th June

9pm – 10th June

7pm – 10th June

2pm – 8th June

5pm – 7th June

11am – 7th June

1pm – 6th June

4pm – 5th June

3pm – 26th May

12pm – 26th May

6pm – 21st May

8pm – 20th May

3pm – 20th May

3pm – 18th May

8pm – 14th May

2pm – 13th May

9am – 7th May

5pm – 6th May

4pm – 6th May

9pm – 5th May

4pm – 5th May

12pm – 5th May

9pm – 1st May

11am – 1st May

7pm – 30th April

9am – 29th April

9am – 28th April

8pm – 27th April


5pm – 27th April

7pm – 21st April

3pm – 2nd April

4pm – 1st April

5pm – 30th March

1pm – 29th March

4pm – 28th March

10am – 28th March

11pm – 27th March

7pm – 27th March

2pm – 27th March

12pm – 27th March

11am – 26th March

4pm – 25th March

12pm – 25th March

11am – 25th March

9am – 24th March

11pm – 23rd March

11am – 23rd March

6pm – 21st March

7pm – 19th March

3pm – 19th March

4pm – 18th March

2pm – 18th March

10am – 18th March

6pm – 17th March

1pm – 17th March

11am – 17th March

5pm – 16th March

4pm – 16th March

3pm – 16th March


1pm – 16th March

11am – 16th March

10am – 16th March

9pm – 15th March

8pm – 15th March

6pm – 15th March

5pm – 15th March

4pm – 15th March

3pm – 15th March

2pm – 15th March

10am – 15th March

10pm – 14th March

4pm – 14th March

3pm – 14th March

2pm – 14th March

10am – 14th March

8pm – 13th March

5pm – 13th March

Paris Nightclub and Macks Amusements open as normal.

3pm – 13th March

Sea Sessions crew have confirmed that the festival is still “100% a Go for June”. Like all events they will take the direction of the HSE and Government and prioritise public safety – and that in the unlikely event of a cancellation full ticket refunds will be issued.

1pm – 13th March

12pm – 13th March

11am – 13th March

10am – 13th March

9am – 13th March

9pm – 12th March

6pm – 12th March

Trad session still on at Madden’s tomorrow night.Irish traditional music, Main St., Bundoran

3pm – 12th March

Star Bingo open Friday 13th March

Portbeg Holiday Homes remains open



Update – Thursday 12th March 2020 2pm

A statement from An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar this morning has closed all schools until the 29th of March. Events and public gatherings indoors (with over 100 people) and outdoors (with over 500 people) have also been cancelled. This will have a knock-on effect to events and gatherings in Bundoran over this weekend and over the coming weeks. We will do our best to keep you up to date with what is happening.

Update – Monday 9th March 2020:

Getting to Bundoran has never been easier – click here to find out how!

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