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Be part of our online St Patrick’s Day parade!

This year there will be no live St Patrick’s Day parade in Bundoran, however in its place, we will broadcast a package of “vintage” Bundoran parades and local music on the day from 3pm on the Discover Bundoran Facebook page.

As well as this, we would like to include Happy St Patrick’s Day messages from the Bundoran community abroad who cannot be at home for the national holiday.

We are hoping that you would record a video message that we could include in the broadcast on the day – just a quick couple of seconds saying who you are, where you’re from and passing on your good wishes for St Patrick’s Day to friends and family at home.

We would love to include you! If you are happy to record a video, please let me know and please do the following:

  • Please record your video in landscape and not portrait – see graphic below.
  • Please leave a few seconds at the start and the end – we will tidy it up on this end.
  • If you are able to record it at a landmark and/or with an Irish flag in the background that would be great! (Please do not break any restrictions to do this though!)
  • Don’t forget to say who you are and where you are!
  • Please send your video via a file transfer service like WeTransfer/Dropbox or add it to a Google Drive where it can be downloaded on this end. Send links to
  • Videos should be no longer than 20-30 seconds and should take the format of “Hi I’m XXXX and I’m living in XXXX with my family (or friends) – if they’re there, name them. I want to send greetings to my family/friends XXXX in Bundoran and wish everyone watching a very Happy St Patrick’s Day”. (It doesn’t have to be word for word but something like this!)


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