North Sligo and Leitrim

Take a day trip from Bundoran and discover a North Sligo itinerary as well as North Leitrim!

This blog is by no means exhaustive and there’s still plenty to see in the counties other than what’s listed below!

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Duff River Walk

If you fancy a quick walk before you do your driving tour, then check out this short walk on the way to Mullaghmore on the main N15 Bundoran to Sligo road. It doesn’t loop so you will get to the end and have to come back on the same trail however it is nice and peaceful and there’s some nice photo opps! It should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Get directions via Google Maps here

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From Mullaghmore Harbour, take the scenic drive around Mullaghmore Head giving you breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the home of some of the biggest waves ever surfed in Europe in the past few years.  On this route you will see Classiebawn Castle, former home of Queen Elizabeth’s cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten.  As you finish the loop of Mullaghmore Head, you will pass by the gate house to the castle on your right hand side. Get directions via Google Maps here

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Without doubt the court tomb at Creevykeel is amongst the finest examples of a full-court tomb in Ireland. Dating from the Neolithic Period, 4000-2500 BCE, the tomb was excavated in 1935 and shortly afterwards restored. The excavations uncovered four cremation burials, decorated and undecorated Neolithic pottery, flint arrow heads, polished stone axes and other artifacts, including a chalk ball. Get directions via Google Maps here

Photo – Maeve Cormican

Gleniff Horseshoe

A 9km drive in the shape of a horseshoe deep into a valley of mountains including Tievebaun, Truskmore and Benwiskin. A lot of history and heritage here including Diarmaid & Grainne’s cave and the barytes mines. You can read more here. Get directions via Google Maps here

The view of Diarmaid and Grainne’s cave at the Gleniff Horseshoe

Yeats’ Grave

The legendary Irish poet William Butler Yeats is buried in Drumcliffe Churchyard at St Columba’s Church “under bare Benbulben’s head”. Thousands of visitors flock to this site annually to pay their respects. A tearoom beside the church serves lots of nice goodies and sells crafts and souvenirs. You’ll find the grave on the main N15 Bundoran to Sligo Road. Google Maps here

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Glencar Waterfall and the Devil’s Chimney

Crossing into County Leitrim you’ll find the mighty Glencar Waterfall situated in Glencar Valley next to the lake. Glencar Waterfall is 50ft high and is situated at Glencar Lough and served as an inspiration to the William Butler Yeats and features in his poem ‘The Stolen Child’

‘Where the wandering water gushes
From the hills above Glen-Car,
In pools among the rushes
That scarce could bathe a star,’

The waterfall is really impressive after rain and can be viewed from a lovely wooded walk. The waterfall amenity includes a children’s playground, picnic areas, café facilities, tourism information and ample parking. There are more waterfalls visible from the road although none are quite as romantic as this one. Nearby is the “Sruth in Aghaidh an Aird” or often known as the Devil’s Chimney. At 492 feet (150m) it is listed on the World Waterfall database as Ireland’s Tallest Waterfall! You can find trail information here. Get directions via Google Maps here

north sligo itinerary
Glencar Waterfall


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