Finding Ireland Book

Finding Ireland in a time of pandemic launched

Finding Ireland – A pictorial adventure from the Northwest launched

Niamh Hamill and John O’Connell expected to spend 2020 doing what they did every year- introducing Americans to the history and culture of Ireland through educational and cultural trips in Donegal and surrounds. When travel was abruptly suspended, they decided to continue to explore the northwest, and post photographs and information about the many wonderful places in the Northwest on their social media pages. Before long, the daily posts had a loyal following, and as the year went by, they realised they had gathered a considerable amount of information about important historical and cultural locations, and done so over the four seasons. And so, they decided to collect the best photographs and the most interesting details, and publish a book.

Finding Ireland Art Director & Designer Lynne DeLade
Finding Ireland Art Director & Designer Lynne DeLade

With the invaluable assistance of Art Director/Designer Lynne DeLade, Niamh and John have curated a beautiful record of a year’s rambling around the Wild Atlantic Way, which will excite many readers who have yet to explore Ireland’s Northwest counties, and serve as a rich set of memories for those who know the area. Each chapter contains a set of photos, prefaced by text which explains the context and history of the collection. Chapters include Ancient Ireland, Myths and Magic, Irish Castles, The Monasteries, the Wild Atlantic Way, and of course, Bundoran.

The book also includes a unique illustration of the Northwest by artist Kevin Lowery, and lines from ‘A woman drives across Ireland’ with kind permission from poet Harry Clifton. Niamh and John would also like to acknowledge contributions from Brittni Stasiuk, Clint Saunders, Todd Vorenkamp. Aoife Hamill and Eugene T. Hamill.

You can purchase a copy of Finding Ireland: Notes from the Northwest directly from The Wishing Chair shop, or

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