Local businesses invited to “Re-Discover” Bundoran

A business networking event hosted by Discover Bundoran will take place next Wednesday (5th February) which will allow tourism providers and the business people of Bundoran to interact and exchange information about their product/service or attraction.
In an effort to ensure that every business person is aware of the facilities that exist in the town, the event has been put together in a “speed dating” style whereby each business person or tourism operator will have a few minutes with everybody to “sell” their business and outline what they have to offer. Each person can bring their brochures or business cards and can use the meeting, which will last for just one hour, as a means of distributing their own information.
Bundoran Tourism Officer Shane Smyth said ‘some people might think it’s obvious what everybody does, but our best ambassadors for Bundoran are going to be the residents, business people and tourism providers. Yes they will sell their own business which is fair enough but we would like them to know what each business and attraction in town has to offer and maybe be able to assist them in some way as well’.
The “Re-Discover Bundoran” programme is part of an effort by the members of the tourism partnership to push the town and the Bundoran brand forward for the 2014 season and encourage as many visitors as possible, old and new, to experience what Bundoran has to offer.
Shane adds ‘while it’s important for the visitor to know what we have on offer, it is vital for those who live, work and operate a business to know the full product that Bundoran has to offer. We hope that as many business people and tourism providers in the town will join us for the hour on Wednesday 5th February at 6.45 at the Holyrood Hotel’.

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