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Social Media helps to Inform Bundoran

A new Facebook group, web page and twitter account are helping to keep Bundoran informed about emergency arrangements regarding recent flooding and information on the water situation.

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The “Inform Bundoran” Facebook group was established to keep Bundoran residents up to date on community related issues in the town and to provide another outlet for making information available about meetings and also emergency situations that may arise from time to time within the town. The idea is a joint venture between the Bundoran Community Development Group CLG and Discover Bundoran. The group has really come into itself in the past few days with the flooding and subsequent water issue in the town.

Bundoran Tourism Officer Shane Smyth is one of the 4 administrators on the page and commented “the need for such a service arose following the burst water main on the bridge which happened on Easter Sunday night a few years ago and we found it somewhat difficult to get the word out to the town what was happening and when it could expect to be fixed.

While we appreciate that not everyone is on Facebook, membership of the group is slowly increasing and it’s one way of getting information, particularly of an emergency nature, out to the Bundoran community and residents. We have since expanded the service to include a twitter account (@informbundoran) and a dedicated page on the Discover Bundoran website (www.discoverbundoran.com/inform) – all information will be replicated between these accounts.  We would like to stress that we are aware that not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter or online but we hope that it will go some way to getting important information to the community in a timely manner.”

Social media accounts from Donegal County Council, Met Eireann, Office of Emergency Planning, Irish Water etc are constantly being monitored so that information can be reposted as soon as is possible. Updates will only be posted as necessary so as not to be bombarding people with notifications.

The Facebook page can be accessed at https://www.facebook.com/groups/InformBundoran/

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