Camping at Sea Sessions

Are you camping at Sea Sessions this year? Or planning to use Tullan Strand over Sea Sessions weekend? Here’s what you need to know! We would remind you that the campsite is in a residential area and the privacy of residents should be respected at all times.

The details . . . . . . . . .

Car park opening

The car park on the ‘Stables Lane’ will open from 6pm on the Thursday and will be operational and secure 24 hours a day until Monday 4pm. The car park will have staff taking bookings etc until 10pm or 11pm per night – but will be able to accommodate people 24 hours. The car park and stewarding is being run and managed by local stewards.

Control points

There will be checkpoints manned by car park staff at the following locations between KFC and the car park . . . .

– at KFC
– at salty fox cafe
– at bottom of stable lane to restrict traffic moving further down road to beach

Vehicle classification

There will be three types of vehicle classification for the purpose of the event

  1. residents (includes local surf schools)
  2. campers and staff
  3. general public going surfing or walking

Residents – will be given a vehicle pass to be placed on their dash and will therefore be clearly identifiable to stewards and will be given free and easy access. It is CRUCIAL to the festival that these people are given free and easy access to prevent complaints – they take priority over everyone else.

Campers and staff – there will be one option only for all staff and all campers with no exceptions – they go to car park and pay and walk into campsite. There is no drop off – no turning no deviation – they are either prepared to pay and park or they are not allowed past junction from KFC.

General Public – we cannot and do not wish to impede the enjoyment of the natural amenities at Tullan Strand to members of the public. However there is limited car parking capacity in the main public parking area. Once this parking area is full (as reported by traffic management point at the bottom of the stable lane) – the traffic point at the KFC junction will be advised by radio and will prohibit the access of any further members of general public.

KFC junction

Crucial to the success or failure of the plan for traffic management will be the KFC junction

The main point to be implemented here is . . . . . .TRAFFIC EXITING TULLAN STRAND ROAD DOES NOT CROSS LANES . . . . this means no right turn if you are exiting Tullan Strand Road

– Traffic leaving Tullan Strand road will only be able to turn left and head towards the roundabout at BMG which will allow them turn back towards town or access by pass / Ballyshannon

– Gardai have agreed to give man power to this junction 1pm to 8pm on the Friday to get traffic in and on the Monday to allow traffic to leave.

Estate entrances off Tullan Strand Road

There are seven entrances to side roads leading into estates off Tullan Strand Road in-between the KFC junction and the Salty Fox

Each one of these will be allocated a cow gate barrier and a ‘residents only’ sign attached.

There will be one steward to every two entrances with circa four traffic stewards being provided by the festival to manage these roads and ensure people are not parking without authorization in side roads. Traffic cones will be allocated along both sides of the road also.

Taking the bus?

Bus Eireann are offering a special bus to Sea Sessions!

We wish everyone an enjoyable Sea Sessions weekend!

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