Bundoran Weekly Podcast reaches milestone

The Bundoran Weekly podcast produced by Discover Bundoran, this week marks a milestone of reaching 150 episodes since it was first launched in July 2018.

The podcast is hosted by Bundoran Tourism Officer Shane Smyth and covers all things Bundoran when it is released each Friday morning at 10am. Since it was launched, it has built up a steady following and has covered plenty of angles to do with the seaside town, including interviews with Charlie McGettigan and Phil Coulter, both of whom can trace the start of their careers back to Bundoran, regular visitor BBC’s Barra Best and also Pronch Murray from Bundoran who is the head of the Irish mission to Zambia.

podcast reaches milestone
Shane Smyth interviews Charlie McGettigan for the podcast

Bundoran Tourism Officer and podcast host Shane Smyth said ‘I am thrilled that our podcast has reached this milestone of 150 episodes. I’m very aware of how niche a subject it is but we have been receiving all sorts of positive feedback from all corners of the globe since we started it.  Over the past year and a half we took the opportunity to talk to many of the “Bundoran Abroad”- those people from Bundoran, living away from home, and unable to return due to the pandemic and it was really interesting to hear how different countries were dealing with lockdowns etc. Now that things are starting to get back to a bit of normality we have been able to return to our normal format of letting people know what’s happening in town and in the area in general.’

podcast reaches milestone
Shane Smyth with BBC Northern Ireland’s Barra Best – a regular visitor to Bundoran.

The podcast is available every Friday morning from 10am at bundoranweekly.com with all previous episodes available on demand, or wherever you listen to podcasts including Apple, Spotify, Google and iHeart Radio.


The Bundoran Weekly Podcast

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