stay safe stay home for easter

Stay safe, stay home for Easter

Stay safe, stay home for Easter.

We are appealing for people not to visit Bundoran this weekend and to stay at home. The coronavirus is still a serious reality and it is our duty as citizens to do everything we can to further prevent its spread.

We’re making good progress but we are not out of the woods just yet and our actions over the next week, despite the temptations to gather outside, will have a vital impact on our friends, families and our health service. We would appeal to our guests to continue to follow the directions of the Department of Health and the Chief Medical Officer and continue to stay at home. If we all work together, the sooner we can get over this and the sooner we will get back to normality.

As a town completely reliant on tourism, we are absolutely gutted to not have our valued guests with us this weekend, but we will not open up the town until it is safe for us to do so. When this time comes, we look forward to welcoming our friends from all corners of Ireland and beyond, to return and enjoy all the wonderful amenities, attractions and facilities we have to offer.

Bundoran will be here – we will be ready for you when the time is right.

Stay safe, stay home for Easter. Bundoran will wait for you.

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